Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lady, it aint gonna fit!

Yea!!!  The new stack-able washer and dryer are in.  The delivery guy walks to the spot where I direct him and I say, "put it in there."  He looks at me and says, "Lady, it ain't gonna fit."  I reply, "you haven't even measured--I measured, it will fit."  He pulls out his measuring tape and quickly does his thing and says, "Lady, it ain't gonna fit."  I reply, "Yes it will, I measured!".  He stomps out of the house and unloads Cocoa Girl Cottage's new washer & dryer and brings them in the house.  The entire time, he is mumbling and grumbling, it ain't gonna fit....  Then my husband walks over and he loudly proclaims to my husband, "It ain't gonna fit?"  My husband looks at me for direction.  I say, "I measured, it's gonna fit!"  Wa laaaaa!!!!

They fit!!!!  Never doubt a woman on a mission!  They work awesome and my guests are so happy to have brand new laundry facilities to keep up with their vacation clothes.

Take care, Donna O.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Californian's Take on Cocoa Beach

Our California guests Robin & Billy enjoying Cocoa Beach this past weekend.  They visit famous California beaches all the time but they say our beaches are awesome too!
 PS:  They loved their stay at Cocoa Girl Cottage too!

Friday, August 28, 2015

We've been busy! Cocoa Girl has a Big Sister!

Sorry we've been absent for a bit.  We didn't plan it, but we bought Cocoa Girl Cottage a big sister!  Her name is Flo and she is a 90 year Spanish bungalow designed by famed architect Martin Luther Hampton.
Isn't she gorgeous?  We are in the process of doing some rehab work on the inside and underneath (plumbing) and then we'll update the landscaping outside when it's cooler, but she's pretty great looking already.  Best of all, she is in within walking distance of Cocoa Girl Cottage!  We love it when our Cocoa Girl Cottage guests walk over for a visit to check on our progress and share a glass of wine on the outside deck (which also needs some help!).  She's a work in progress.  She'll keep us busy for years, just like Cocoa Girl Cottage did.

Take care all.  Donna O.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Save the Pink Bathroom!

Our contractor says, "Let's tear out the old bathroom and make it all new and modern."  Well, I can't blame him, look at it...
The vanity (hard to see) was from the 1950's.  The sinks were fairly new, but the mirrors were ugly, the tile floor was getting old and hard to clean and the toilet--we won't even discuss that.  But....I loved the pink and white wall tile, the pink tub and the pink soap dishes and toothbrushes mounted on the wall.  They were so cool looking and very retro.  Contractor wasn't to happy as apparently it is harder to tear out a few things rather than everything, but alas, I was able to "Save the Pink Bathroom".  Did you know there is an entire web site devoted to this subject?  www.savethepinkbathroom.com

Out with the old

In with the new, new tile:

We found an old desk to turn into a new vanity--dropped one of those pretty sinks we salvaged in it:
We "Saved the Pink Bathroom"! New mirrors and lights and even a new window.
New toilet!
We are done!  Love it.
Next time, I'm "Saving the Green Bathroom!"  Wait 'til you see...

Take care, Donna O.
PS:  If you are interested in renting this cute home, check her out on VRBO.com, #682498.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cocoa Girl Cottage is a Hit!!!

We opened the doors in mid-January and we are booked through the end of July already!  3 months of 2016 are reserved.  Cocoa Girl Cottage is a hit!!!  We are over the moon excited that our sweet little Cocoa home is doing so well and being enjoyed by many.  Take a look at our VRBO ad.  She is #682498 on VRBO.com/682498  I'm obviously way behind on the blog about the remodel projects, but I'll catch up now that the work is obviously done and she is open for business.  Well not quite done--new bathroom windows are going in next Saturday before our next guests arrive!  Be back soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time to Hang Pictures

Have you ever seen that tip on how to hang art work, by cutting out brown paper the size of your pictures and then taping the paper to the wall where you think you want your paintings to hang?  Well guess what?  It really works!!!  We had a few pictures to hang over the TV console and before we committed to holes in the newly painted wall we put our "pattern" up first, switched it around a few times, and then hung the various pieces in their designated spots.  Easy peasy! 

I'm looking for a little clock to hang in the spot between the old shutter and bigger picture to its left.  I guess I have to volunteer to go shopping through the great antique and vintage shops located all over Brevard County!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sofa Shopping

It has become very clear that "Mr. Cocoa Girl Cottage" wants to have a say in the decorating and furnishings.  While he was on a trip to Miami, he texts me this picture as to what he would like for the sofa in the living room.

I was not super excited about his choice, as it is black and leather.  After all this is a "beach cottage" and I wanted bright colors and cool to the touch fabric.  But alas, after a another trip to Miami (by himself) my input was trumped and this sofa arrived and was placed in the living room.  (I should have been suspicious when he switched cars with me and took my SUV!)  His secret weapon, both seats have a lazy boy built in.  After one sitting and lifting of the foot rest, I was sold.  The sofa looks super cute now in the house, with a great "retro" coffee table we found, painted the perfect colors, placed in front.  Fun pillows and throw blanket from Home Goods add the finishing touch.  Here is a quick picture taken with the sofa and table in view.  I must admit, the sofa is super comfortable--hard to get out of when there is more work to be done!

PS:  That great aqua piece under the TV came from Nadeau Furniture Store in Miami, FL.  Highly recommend this store to find unusual pieces, reasonably priced.  http://www.furniturewithasoul.com.  The piece has tons of storage, four drawers and is super looking!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Easy Storage Solution

The new kitchen is awesome, but a little more storage is needed for those items that are not used very much.  The dining room has ample floor space for a hutch or buffet.  Let's go shopping!  We found this discarded TV hutch at Goodwill.  The color is an awful brown, but we've been learning how to use chalk paint on Pinterest.  So... we decided to be brave...  Let's see what happens!

After cleaning it up, painting, sanding and waxing (with supervision by Juno the kitty)...

We now have additional and super fun looking storage!  Don't you agree?