Monday, April 13, 2015

Save the Pink Bathroom!

Our contractor says, "Let's tear out the old bathroom and make it all new and modern."  Well, I can't blame him, look at it...
The vanity (hard to see) was from the 1950's.  The sinks were fairly new, but the mirrors were ugly, the tile floor was getting old and hard to clean and the toilet--we won't even discuss that.  But....I loved the pink and white wall tile, the pink tub and the pink soap dishes and toothbrushes mounted on the wall.  They were so cool looking and very retro.  Contractor wasn't to happy as apparently it is harder to tear out a few things rather than everything, but alas, I was able to "Save the Pink Bathroom".  Did you know there is an entire web site devoted to this subject?

Out with the old

In with the new, new tile:

We found an old desk to turn into a new vanity--dropped one of those pretty sinks we salvaged in it:
We "Saved the Pink Bathroom"! New mirrors and lights and even a new window.
New toilet!
We are done!  Love it.
Next time, I'm "Saving the Green Bathroom!"  Wait 'til you see...

Take care, Donna O.
PS:  If you are interested in renting this cute home, check her out on, #682498.

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