Sunday, September 16, 2018

We Love Estate Sales!

Cocoa Girl Cottage is surrounded by beautiful homes, large and small, and almost every weekend you can find a fun Estate Sale close by to explore and take home a must have treasure.  This past weekend we see an Estate Sale sign around the corner!

Let's go in!  Wow, this place is very interesting and full of antiques.  Everything is for sale.

Our favorite spot is the outdoor screen porch area.  Let's have tea here, or hold a book club luncheon! 

Then, we can go swimming!

Next, we can change in the 1920's Bath House.

Time to rest, bag up our goods and go back to reality...

Reality is Cocoa Girl Cottage which is just as wonderful and very cozy!  Hope you enjoyed going to the Estate Sale with us!  We find the Estate Sales on

Take care!

PS:  The Estate Sale river front home is For Sale too at $1,450,000.00 and just steps away from Cocoa Girl Cottage.