Friday, January 30, 2015

Sofa Shopping

It has become very clear that "Mr. Cocoa Girl Cottage" wants to have a say in the decorating and furnishings.  While he was on a trip to Miami, he texts me this picture as to what he would like for the sofa in the living room.

I was not super excited about his choice, as it is black and leather.  After all this is a "beach cottage" and I wanted bright colors and cool to the touch fabric.  But alas, after a another trip to Miami (by himself) my input was trumped and this sofa arrived and was placed in the living room.  (I should have been suspicious when he switched cars with me and took my SUV!)  His secret weapon, both seats have a lazy boy built in.  After one sitting and lifting of the foot rest, I was sold.  The sofa looks super cute now in the house, with a great "retro" coffee table we found, painted the perfect colors, placed in front.  Fun pillows and throw blanket from Home Goods add the finishing touch.  Here is a quick picture taken with the sofa and table in view.  I must admit, the sofa is super comfortable--hard to get out of when there is more work to be done!

PS:  That great aqua piece under the TV came from Nadeau Furniture Store in Miami, FL.  Highly recommend this store to find unusual pieces, reasonably priced.  The piece has tons of storage, four drawers and is super looking!

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