Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Antique Chairs from Riverside, CA

Most people will buy their furniture within a reasonable radius of their home, but not us, no... we spot the perfect chairs in an antique store in Riverside, California!

My husband's sister gave us the perfect round table for the house, but we were having a hard time finding chairs that fit comfortably underneath.  While visiting Riverside, California to attend a wedding, we took time to walk through a wonderful antique store and there they were, waiting for us to find them, hiding in what looked like an attic overflow area!!!  Here they are all lined up at the checkout counter to go home with us...

Well... we have to go home on an airplane, so the chairs were left behind to be packed and shipped to Florida.  After they arrived safe and sound, we cleaned, polished and reupholstered the seats.  Adorable don't you think?

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