Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cocoa Pad is Ready!

Cocoa Pad is a studio apartment in the former garage of Cocoa Girl Cottage.  For years we used this area for storage and sometimes overflow guest use.  In the Fall of 2018 we emptied the room, put in new flooring, repainted all, installed a new AC/Heat mini split unit, spiffed up the furnishings and decorated the space in a travel Bohemian style.  Now it is a super cozy, comfy, clean landing area for a traveling couple, a person on a business trip or as always, for overflow use by guests staying in Cocoa Girl Cottage.  And best of all--we are PET FRIENDLY!!!  Photos of the new space:

Cocoa Pad is available to rent by itself on a per night rate, or it can be rented along with the main home, Cocoa Girl Cottage.  Please give us a call for rental rates/information.  Hope to see you soon!


Sunday, September 16, 2018

We Love Estate Sales!

Cocoa Girl Cottage is surrounded by beautiful homes, large and small, and almost every weekend you can find a fun Estate Sale close by to explore and take home a must have treasure.  This past weekend we see an Estate Sale sign around the corner!

Let's go in!  Wow, this place is very interesting and full of antiques.  Everything is for sale.

Our favorite spot is the outdoor screen porch area.  Let's have tea here, or hold a book club luncheon! 

Then, we can go swimming!

Next, we can change in the 1920's Bath House.

Time to rest, bag up our goods and go back to reality...

Reality is Cocoa Girl Cottage which is just as wonderful and very cozy!  Hope you enjoyed going to the Estate Sale with us!  We find the Estate Sales on www.estatesales.net

Take care!

PS:  The Estate Sale river front home is For Sale too at $1,450,000.00 and just steps away from Cocoa Girl Cottage.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Beautiful Weather Demands Beauntiful Comfy Front Porch Chairs!

The weather has been amazing in Florida this Winter.  We hate to brag, but I think there have been a total of 3 days below 50 degrees in Cocoa this Winter season.  Cocoa Girl wasted no time in getting her front porch spiffed up and ready for another season of many enjoyable hours--starting with coffee in the morning, ice tea in the afternoon with a good book, and last but not least, a glass of wine while watching the sunset to the West in the early evening.  These comfy chairs were picked up at a local estate sale.  Cleaned, painted and new cushions in place, they are ready for chillaxing!

Don't you agree!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunrise Walk From Cocoa Girl Cottage

A favorite time for all guests we have learned, is a morning walk along the Indian River before sunrise.  How can these this be?  You are on vacation--you don't want to get up earlier than sunrise!  The proof is in the pictures:

Oh, now we see...

Fellow sunrise watcher:
These amazing photos were taken only a short walk from Cocoa Girl Cottage along Indian River Drive. The bird was found near the dock at MacFarland Park, which is also within a short walk from Cocoa Girl Cottage.  Okay we get it now!  See you at sunrise!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cocoa Village

A favorite spot to visit for all Cocoa Girl guests is Cocoa Village.  It is a quaint, small, river front shopping and restaurant area in downtown Cocoa with a wonderful park, boat ramp and boardwalk on the Indian River. www.visitcocoavillage.com.

There are beautiful streets to walk along, full of a variety of shops, bakeries, casual and fine dining, art studios, old Florida style homes a mansion or two and this adorable small chapel.  Isn't this a perfect spot for a wedding?

 Recently we stumbled upon an antique car show in the village.  There is always something going on here.  Let's check it out!
Cocoa Girl needs to find her Sugar Daddy cuz she just found the car she wants to park in her front yard!

Don't you agree?
Thanks for visiting. 


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Green Master Bathroom Reveal

My contractor said lets gut the bathroom and start over.  I groaned, no--I really want to save as much of the retro green bathroom as possible, because Cocoa Girl Cottage loves her retro look.  So, we compromised and settled on removing only the tiny green toilet and the old cabinetry.  Before:


We found the old dresser at Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs, FL. www.adjmkt.com.  My husband was able to salvage the sink and drop it into the dresser.  We love it!  We retiled the floor with this awesome retro black and white tile found at Home Depot.  This is the same tile we used when saving our pink retro bathroom (earlier post).  Hope to see you soon at Cocoa Girl Cottage.

Take care,



Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lady, it aint gonna fit!

Yea!!!  The new stack-able washer and dryer are in.  The delivery guy walks to the spot where I direct him and I say, "put it in there."  He looks at me and says, "Lady, it ain't gonna fit."  I reply, "you haven't even measured--I measured, it will fit."  He pulls out his measuring tape and quickly does his thing and says, "Lady, it ain't gonna fit."  I reply, "Yes it will, I measured!".  He stomps out of the house and unloads Cocoa Girl Cottage's new washer & dryer and brings them in the house.  The entire time, he is mumbling and grumbling, it ain't gonna fit....  Then my husband walks over and he loudly proclaims to my husband, "It ain't gonna fit?"  My husband looks at me for direction.  I say, "I measured, it's gonna fit!"  Wa laaaaa!!!!

They fit!!!!  Never doubt a woman on a mission!  They work awesome and my guests are so happy to have brand new laundry facilities to keep up with their vacation clothes.

Take care, Donna O.